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Sparrow Gaming is here to walk you through the entire Illinois Video Gaming experience from start to finish!

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Gaming Your Way

Sparrow Gaming creates a premier gaming environment for your establishment. From a selection of the highest quality game sets that the Illinois Video Gaming industry has to offer, we work with you to choose the perfect gaming system for your location. Throughout the year, gaming manufacturers offer upgrades to existing games as well as the ability to add new games to each terminal. We keep it fresh for your gamers by always providing updates and adding new games as they come out.

No Sweat, No Hassle

One of the worst things for a gamer is to come to a location and have the game that they want to play be out of service. Sparrow Gaming makes it a priority to keep all the games up and operating 100%. We have highly trained technicians on call 24X7, offering a fine-tuned service model.

Almost 3x the Revenue!

Sparrow Gaming’s clients make more money. Based on 2018’s statistics, retail locations' average income was $65,553 and retail locations using Sparrow Gaming as their terminal operator had an average annual revenue of $175,513!

We Do the Marketing

We actively promote our client’s locations—through loyalty programs, Facebook and direct mail marketing. We use a proven marketing model to drive customers to your location. We let gamers know when new games are released.

No-Cost, Up and Running

We will work with you to create the best use of your space to create a comfortable gaming space. The games, tables, chairs, installation, electricity, and data installation are all covered by Sparrow Gaming. A member of our team will assist you through the application and licensing process, so you can be approved for gaming efficiently. Once your location is up and running, we will provide you with the appropriate training and materials, so you remain compliant with the Illinois Gaming Board at all times.


What type of fees do I have to pay for Illinois video gaming?

  • Annual state gaming license is $100
  • Municipality fees vary from municipality to municipality
  • Sparrow Gaming will help you through all licensing fee processes

How do I qualify for Illinois video gaming?

Applicants can qualify in one of 3 ways:

  • Retail (liquor pouring establishments only)
  • Fraternal or Veterans Establishments
  • Truck Stop Establishment (3 acres of property, 10K gallons of diesel sold monthly, and truck parking)

The state dictates the distribution of the Net Terminal Income. The distribution, based on percentage, is as follows:

  • Local Municipality: 5%
  • State of Illinois: 29%
  • Terminal Operator Share: 33%
  • Retailer's Share: 33%

Frequently Asked Questions can be downloaded at the Illinois Gaming Board website.

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